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“Everything You Need To Know About Us”

Lexionlu has been exclusively focused on branding and digital services.
We are a team of multi-discipline professionals that runs deep in brand consulting and graphical user interface (GUI) design
for software and application. With innovation, creativity, teamwork and global view,
we provide a wide variety of integrated services.
For more than a decade, we have developed a cross-cultural partnership with many of the world's leading organizations.

Lexionlu provides new brand creation, brand refreshment and brand integration services for brand marketers.
We have the intellect and experience to answer the "so what" and "why so" when making our design decisions.
Lexionlu has the creative talent, the project methodology and domain expertise
that enables us to consistently deliver world-class solutions.

Since every project is different and every development team is unique,
we have developed a methodology called “The Lexionlu Process” which allows us to participate in any situation.
The Lexionlu methodology includes the following key phases :

View Our Methodology

Our Methodology


Investigation and Analysis

Knowledge & Understanding

Our team has a strong foundation of knowledge and understanding about a particular product or
engagement before design gets started. We rapidly collect information and requirements about the current
version of the product, past product iterations, the user’s needs, client business objectives,
marketing objectives, and technical requirements.


Strategy & Design

The grand view of new product

We design the high level product paradigm during phase one.

During phase two we create new work flow and task flow diagrams.

We also design concept wire-frames based on the task flows that include product navigation, high-level content groupings, and general page layouts.


Concept & Design

When the magic starts

The digital service team will create the final wire-frames,
which are grey-scale representations of the final product screens.

These include the interaction behaviours, final screen content, major layouts,
navigation, widgets & controls, final naming, and data display.


Production & Implementation

When all the pieces come together

Wire-frames are designed for all the key areas of application.

Lexionlu designs all areas of products and communicates
clearly to our clients and their engineering team a concise overview of
the features and functionality for the product.


User Acceptance Testing

Bug & De-bug

Lexionlu ensures our clients have a seamless integration of our designs into their product
by providing concise engineering specifications for both the user interface behaviour
and the visual design layout. We test, go through every situation,
find problems and get them solved.



All wrapped up with a bow

Lexionlu ensures th at our clients have fully satisfied with the operation
and launched with success. We are always there for any assistance after project conclusion.

Lexionlu is a design team with high standards and a passion for building great brands.
We have learned that it takes a smart and talented bunch to do it rapidly and consistently.
Our team combines creative ideas, clear communication and perseverance to deliver the great work that leads to our clients' success.

Founter & Chief Executive Officer

Anner Chen

With a M. F. A. degree from Savannah College of Art and Design, Anner perceives that creative works are all that matter, an objective he keeps on pursuing in his career. He soon finds out that creativity is not derived from pure thoughts and concepts, but built on the knowledge and deep understandings. He devotes himself in providing high-quality digital services. In term of management, he is an executive who believes in the balance of creativity and quality. Under his leadership, Lexionlu has become a team proven to deliver timely and consistently. Formerly with JWT and other leading agencies, Anner’s background includes major branding and digital service programs for Eva Air, Microsoft,…etc.

Founder & Chief Branding Officer

Brenda Lu

Majored in communication design from Pratt Institute, Brenda has developed a sharp eye for trends and a deep understanding of consumer attitudes. She always brings energy and sensitivity into her works and makes them brilliant. With more than 24 years of experience in branding, she has developed an unique way in solving complex issues with creative thinking and became a well-known branding concept developer. Formerly with Interasia & Associates and other leading creative agencies, Brenda’s background includes major branding programs for Microsoft,…etc.

Project Director

Michael Lin

Michael Lin has over 24 years of experience in the digital design industry. He started his career in several top digital content production companies in the country, establishing a solid foundation of knowledge and skill sets. Michael Lin currently holds a position as Project Director in Lexionlu Design Firm, he introduced and implemented design management programs to the company, bridging multi-disciplinary aesthetics to deliver progressive design services.

Art Consultant

Sandy Pi

From being an interior designer to become an artist, Sandy demonstrates what she believes in herself. In the early days of her career, Sandy was a prospective interior designer. While studying at Pratt Institute, she discovered her interests and made a transfer into fine arts, majored in installation and sculpture. Her artworks, featured by using mouthpieces as a symbol to depict time slots, have been exhibited at the gallaries, the museum, and art centers. With great knowledge in art trends and capabilities in concept development and planning, she is also a professional curator. With crystal clarity of conceptual thinking and creativity, she creates values on designs by inserting the artistic elements. She is also a lecturer on design at the Chung Yuan Christian University and the China University of Technology.

Officer, New Businesses Development


Arther is pursuing a career of challenges and diversity. He is a follower in social science. After graduated from the School of Industrial and Labor Relations, Cornell University, he serves at both public and private sectors. He was an officer in the Council of Labor Affairs and then made a transition to private corporations. He also made a shift from human resources management to become a professional in public relations. He has developed a deep appreciation in branding and designs while serving at leading multi-national corporations, including TSMC and Delta Electronics. With global perspective and innovation, he is endeavored to enlarge the business domain of Lexionlu through collaboration with the software development companies worldwide.


“A Glimpse at Our Work”

From high tech to airline conglomerates , from banking and financial groups to retail, leisure and entertainment industry, Lexionlu assists many leading companies in achieving their branding and marketing objectives. A selection of our valued clients is as below:

IFE - eX3
View More
IFE - Karma Video Handset
View More
View More
IFE - eX2
View More
IFE - 3000i
BRANDING - Gary Player
APP - EVA Air Passenger App
APP - EVA Air Passenger App
APP - EVA Air Passenger App
WEB - Go2Taiwan.net
WEB - Eslite Bookstore Digi-Pamphlet
WEB - EVA Air Hello Kitty Jet
WEB - Jasmine Bridal
WEB - EVA Air Official Website


“What We Can Do For You”

Lexionlu is proven in creating compelling strategies and design services for clients to build global brands. By bringing together imagination, skill, and experience, Lexionlu creates design solutions to maximize the commercial effectiveness of our client's brand and market communications. Our expertise in brand consulting and digital services includes:

  • Concept Planning
  • UX Design
  • Operation Flow Design
  • UX Prototype
  • GUI Design
  • App
  • 3D Safety Demo

Lexionlu have been working on a number of IFE projects since 2003, based on the platform of Panasonic Avionics Corporation. Our team has been able to provide IFE system solutions that go beyond customer expectations, Some examples to note are 3000i, eX2, and eX3. We have applied our operation flow designs that include conceptualization, developing prototype, to final design and user testing, to create new IFE systems. The application of new technology, such as touch solutions, are considered as well. The Karma Video Handset system sets a good example. This is the first handset control IFE system that has been made possible by a combination of operation flow design, user experience (UX), GUI, and capacitive touch solutions.

Our expertise is built on our extensive knowledge on the Panasonic platform. We grow with our customers as we help develop those IFE projects.

  • Marketing Research
  • Concept Planning
  • UX Design
  • Operation Flow Design
  • UX Prototype
  • GUI Design
  • App
  • 3D Safety Demo

Your Best Web Accessibility Partner!

Recognizing the role websites play today in the lives of people with disabilities, the DOT's ACAA amendment expands access from physical structures to include websites and kiosks. For the website requirements, the ACAA mandates compliance to the globally recognized WCAG 2.0 AA standards. Lexionlu is currently working with major airlines to help them meet the ACAA compliance requirements.

Lexionlu supports our clients’ accessibile website through the redesign the website’s information structure, wireframe, user experience, user interface design to the coding to fulfill WCAG 2.0 AA standards by using the cutting edge coding structure.

eX3 is the most advanced widebody solution by Panasonic. It requires uncompromising industrial design, high-definition and 3D display technologies, a portfolio of advanced capacitive touch handsets, and the latest advances in surround sound to create a home theater atmosphere. The eX3 interactive is based on an open platform architecture, which means that passengers can get an exciting entertainment experience and access to an unlimited number of applications accessible through capacitive touch screen monitors and handsets with familiar, intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUIs) similar to today’s smartphones and tablets.

Our Challenges:

The major challenges come from the switching procedures between the touch screen and the handset controller. The screen is in different size with the controller. We need to change the settings and operation flows accordingly to make these two devices switch smoothly.


The Karma Touch-Screen Handset is the ultimate remote controller, which provides easy to use navigation for passengers and a dynamic GUI. This handset controller can work together with the touch screen or go separately. The latter gives the user an extra function in addition to the touch screen.

Our Challenges:

The major challenge is how to keep the visual design style consistent with the touch screen, without making sacrifice of user-friendly interface. Our task is to make sure that the content is shown properly on the small touchable area.


eX2 is the most advanced IFE system in operation today, with the requirement of high-value media content capacity and the ability to offer Audio Video on Demand (AVOD) at every seat.

Our Challenges:

The limitation is that we need to follow the specifications and modules of eX2 template, which will end up with similar visual designs. We, however, develop a new system that is not only compatible with UI, but also looks like a customized design.

ex2 ex2 ex2

This is the first full-cabin AVOD system, and also our first full Inflight Entertainment and Passenger Services System (IFE) project.

Our Challenges:

Our first try to apply client branding elements into IFE design, exclusively for EVA Air.
We also participate in operation flow design.

i3000 i3000 i3000

Lexionlu provides new brand creation, brand refreshment and brand integration services for brand marketers. Whether we're redesigning brands for the world's leading company or helping launch a new line of products at the trade show, our principle is simply to do great design work.

  • Brand Launches
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Identity Development
  • Brand Launch Communications
  • Product Concept Design

Today's digital services involve much more than just creating a website and telling your customers. Modern digital services are fully integrated with brand strategy and traditional marketing communications. They need to leverage inbound marketing strategies like social media mining and webcasts. Everything from the choice of words when engaging the blogger community down to the specific calls of action on a website must be carefully connected and designed to reflect the brand being marketed.

  • Internet Marketing Strategy
  • Website Strategy & Development
  • Website Conversion Optimization
  • Search Advertising (PPC)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Blogsphere Engagement
  • Banner Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • Viral Marketing
  • Webcasts
  • Web Video
  • Interactive eCollateral System Design
  • Graphic User Interface Design
  • EIP
  • Mobile
  • Touch

As a strategic partner, Lexionlu understands that our clients are always looking for something novel and innovative. We are therefore searching for new ways in creating revenue-oriented marketing communications in a variety of B2B and B2C markets.

  • Branding and Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Broadcast Advertising
  • Direct Mail
  • Brochure & Collateral Design
  • Trade Show Programming & Materials
  • Point-of-Purchase
  • Public Relations
  • Guerilla Marketing Techniques


“Who We Have Worked With”

Airlines, financial groups, retail, - and everything in between. We work with organizations that are ready to discover, embrace and enhance their purpose and lean into a connected world.

  • Eva Air
  • Lexus
  • China Trust
  • Microsoft
  • Acer
  • Touch Your Heart
  • Clients
  • Fubon
  • Uni Air
  • Toyota
  • MIC
  • FamiPort
  • D&B
  • Sunshine
  • Yuanta Securities
  • Jasmine


“Where To Find Us”


Taipei Office

Phone 886.2.2705.5138
E-mail lexionlu@lexionlu.com
Address 12F-2, No.96, Sec. 4, Hsin-Yi Rd.,
Da-an District, Taipei City 10682
Taiwan (R.O.C.)

New York Office

Phone 914.630.2546
E-mail lexionlu@lexionlu.com
Address 7 East Ave. 2S, Larchmont, NY
10538, USA


We're always looking out for fresh talents. If you have a unique way of looking at the world, we would love to talk with you. Take a look at our current career openings and drop us an email to introduce yourself.

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